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Privacy Policy.

Welcome to the IBC DarkHorse website.

By browsing, visiting or otherwise accessing or using this site you agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth below.

Copyright Notice:

This site is protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America, and may be protected by the copyright laws of other countries and jurisdictions as well. Reproduction or re-transmission of all or any of the contents of this Site is strictly prohibited. The contents of this Site, including but not limited to the text and images, are copyright 2020 by IBC DarkHorse. Modifications to the content of the site are expressly prohibited. All rights reserved. Some portions of the site contain images and text that are subject to the copyright rights of their providers. All such names, trade names and trademarks are proprietary to their respective owners and may not be used without their expressed written permission.

Terms of Use:

IBC DarkHorse makes no representation of any kind as to the accuracy of the material within the site, and assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions regarding the contents of the site.

Information received by IBC DarkHorse:

IBC DarkHorse is committed to respecting your privacy and recognizing your need for appropriate protection and management of any personally identifiable information you share with us.


IBC DarkHorse may use the personally identifiable information we collect to contact you about our products and services, confirm and track sample requests, or to analyze trends and statistics. As part of our commitment to your privacy, IBC DarkHorse will not sell or share your personally identifiable information with third parties.



IBC DarkHorse assumes no responsibility for the contents of any site linked to IBC DarkHorse, or for any potential damage arising out of the use of any such link. The presence of a link between this site and another web site does not represent an endorsement by IBC DarkHorse of a non-IBC DarkHorse website. IBC DarkHorse is not responsible for the privacy practices of such third party sites.


Effective Date:

This privacy policy was last updated on March 2020

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